We specialize in Social Security Maximization and coordinating your benefits, Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement Insurance (Medigap), Life Insurance, Retirement Plans and a variety of Financial and Business Services.
We understand your concerns when it comes to Social Security Benefits (how to maximize your benefits). As Certified Social Security Experts we can answer the question- when do to take social security benefits and help you coordinate your benefits in retirement.

Additionally we represent a variety of the major carriers and offer free life insurance quotes (Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, Guaranteed Issue Life) along with financial solutions (Annuities and Long Term Care), wealth preservation and retirement planning.

For nearly four decades we have earned our clients trust by providing comprehensive coverage options and consultation for many of life’s most important decisions. Sit down with one of our professional advisors and find out for yourself what makes our company so different. At Coliday, Covering Life… Is Our Business through Social Security Maximization, Life Insurance, Retirement Plans and a variety of Financial and Business Services.

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Certified  Social Security Advisors

Meet with a Professional Advisor

We’ll lend a helping hand

We will assist you in every way to prepare for the changes life can bring and help take the guesswork out of planning your financial future.

Private Client Service

Our Private Client Service offers unique features
and useful benefits designed to embrace everything
about you, your goals and your needs.

We’re Members of the Community

When you work with a Coliday Financial Professional, you’ll benefit from our strong and active role in the local community.

Social Security Benefits & Retirement Plans

Social Security Workshop

FREE Social Security Workshop

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567 irrevocable options DO NOT file for Social Security until you know which choice is appropriate for you.
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Everyone eligible for Social Security Benefits has questions.
The most common question is- when do I take my social security benefits?

We specialize in the optimization of Social Security benefits and retirement income plans. Whether you are a baby-boomer, pre-retiree or a generation X or Y we can advise and implement the best strategy for you.

Social Security optimization (how to maximize your benefits) is more than a new fad or trend. It has become a necessity due to the variety of claiming strategies and the complexities of understanding the retirement program’s 2,728 rules.

The dual income household is now the norm for the baby boomer generation, providing spouses with more options for coordinating benefits. We utilize sophisticated analytical and optimizing algorithms to present favorable options when planning for retirement or adjusting to early retirement.

Delaying drawing on your benefits for as long as possible is one of the best ways to increase the amount you will receive over your lifetime. To check or create your social security account visit the Social Security Administration site at: https://www.ssa.gov/  For more information on the history of Social Security click here.

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Life Insurance

Term Life

Meet your life insurance needs at an affordable price.

  • Death Benefit
  • Affordable Coverage
  • Convert Your Policy

Whole Life

Help meet your financial goals and protect your family’s future.

  • Death Benefit
  • Build Cash Value

Universal Life

Life Insurance through optional guarantees and flexible premiums.

  • Death Benefit
  • Flexible Premiums
  • Build Account Value

Guaranteed Issue Life

Help your loved ones pay for final expense costs.

  • Affordable Coverage
  • Guaranteed Acceptance
  • Death Benefit

Financial & Business Services


Annuities can be a paramount way to save for retirement. Annuities may help your savings grow faster. Each type of annuity has advantages and drawbacks that you should consider carefully before deciding whether an annuity is right for you. Annuities can also provide guaranteed lifetime income.

Long Term Care

Long term care (LTC) can be expensive and costs generally continue to rise. To receive the quality of care you want in the setting of your choice, putting a plan in place early in life is essential. In order to match your needs and budget you may choose from traditional LTC insurance, life insurance with an LTC component, or some combination of both.

Alternative Financial Strategies

We personalize global alternative financial strategies that are tailored to the accumulation and protection of wealth.

  • Agricultural Hard Assets
  • Timber
  • Coconuts

Business Services

We offer a variety of  B2B & B2C business services.

  • Document and media backups & duplication
  • Complete line of web services
  • Computer backup cloud services
  • Memorial service presentation media & support
  • A/V rentals

Get Your Free Quote

Partial list of major carriers we represent

About Us
Since 1981 Coliday has been offering a variety of professional products and services
designed with you, your family and business in mind.

Each day more than 10,000 baby boomers are reaching retirement age. We have focused our attention and developed a new line of services, seminar/workshops and financial concepts to address the ever growing needs facing our aging population.
Our team of professional and certified licensed advisors are ready to help you navigate your way to a stable and worry free financial future.

We believe establishing TRUST relies heavily on your
personal attributes and your track record.

34 years in business

13,000 plus clients served nationwide

No ethics or compliance issues

No lawsuits or judgments

Debt free business

Our business continues to evolve by implementing the
latest industry advancements and technological developments.


Client Testimonials

“Our retirement plan has given us a very comfortable source of income. We look forward to continuing to work with Randy and Coliday to provide new ways to increase our portfolio and maintain our standard of living.”

Johnathan H.
Capistrano Beach, CA

“Craig, I just wanted to let you know how helpful you were and how much I appreciate genuine customer service. Your personal touch really does make a difference!”

Rudy, V.
Mission Viejo, CA

“Randy Krug has been our financial advisor for over 20 years.  Thanks to his sage advice,
we are enjoying our retirement without financial worries”.

Ron and Dolores R.
Laguna Niguel, CA

“Craig, I really appreciate the quality and attention you give and I recommend you often.
I’m also glad to know that you offer so many services. Keep up the good work!”

Vince T.
Dana Point, CA

We provide concepts to protect your safety while providing income and growth options for life.


With your safety in mind we provide concepts and multiple options to safeguard your most important asset – you.

Establishing trust is the first step towards building a relationship focused on assisting you in making the types of decisions necessary to bridge the gap between an unsecured life style to one of safety, comfort and peace of mind.

To live fulfilled without the worry of all the “what if’s” in life takes more than a pay check and a monthly contribution to a 401k. If it is your desire to provide coverage for yourself and your family in the aftermath of a life changing event (accident, health condition, death, etc.),  we can help.


We provide concepts/solutions for legacy sustainability that turn into plans.

A variety of financial options are offered, discussed and implemented at your sole direction.

If it is your desire to sustain an identified standard of living that provides a legacy you can pass on to future generations, we can help.



In this complicated world, sustaining a lasting income for retirement can be quite challenging.

We simplify the process by examining your current and projected financial capabilities, then structure a variety of plan options that fit your pre-defined objectives and means.

If you are looking for an easy and sensible approach to income generation for retirement, we can help.


To achieve continued financial growth from your portfolio requires more than interest gained from a financial vehicle, i.e. a Certificate of Deposit.

Discussing a variety of different products and their performance features is where we start. Once we identify your short and long term needs, price points and affordability factors we offer competitive lines of options designed to grow your portfolio at a pace you can effectively manage.

If your goal is to increase the value of your managed assets, we can help.

Our Team
Meet the Team of Executives Behind Coliday

Craig Colley
Founder / CEO

Craig founded Coliday in 1981 and is the CEO/Director of Marketing and Sales. He is responsible for the assessment and establishment of strategic marketing opportunities and oversees all major negotiations and transactions. Craig is a licensed Insurance Agent and certified  Social Security Advisor (NSSA) and former Marketing Director of a large USA based Banking, Financial and Insurance Company. He is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce, President of his HOA (16yrs.), former Executive Marketing Chairman for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, served on the Senior Citizen advisory board for the City of Laguna Niguel and currently the Advisory Board Chairman for Precious Timber – Maderas Futuro, S.A.
CA Lic. #0I48609

Randall A. Krug, LUTCF
Senior Adviser

Randall is a 39 year veteran in the Insurance and Financial Services business. As a Senior Adviser with the Financial Service Division, his responsibilities are to offer a variety of concepts and options to our clients drawing from his vast experience in the business. Randall’s wealth of invaluable information provides a unique blend of experience and hands-on knowledge rarely found in the industry today.
CA Lic. #0770848

Pamela Krug
Long Term Care Specialist

Pamela Krug is a licensed agent with over 35 years of experience in corporate America. Her focus the last 9 years has been as a Long Term Care Insurance specialist.

Pamela supports our team at Coliday as a consultant with knowledge from her experience as a liaison between client and Long Term Care carriers. She has a full understanding of carrier benefits, underwriting process from application to policy issue and most importantly client needs.

Long Term Care is an essential benefit to our clients’ portfolios.
CA Lic. #0I97169

Karen Dillon
VP of Operations

Karen’s exceptional blend of skills includes 20+ years of operations in high volume chains and sales support. Her duties range from the development and management of business operations, including human resources functions, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll processing. In close assistance to the CEO, she helps to implement and support new initiatives and programs necessary to continue the success of the company.

Karyn Colley
VP of Administration

Karyn maintains and oversees all aspects of company’s administration operations, equipment and inventory in addition to customer support in daily business operations. Karyn’s working knowledge of the retail services segment of the company combined with her ability to work directly with customers makes her a tremendous asset.