Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance can help protect your assets from being used for care and maximize your options for care if you become chronically ill or have a severe cognitive impairment. As you age and your health changes, putting a plan in place early will help control costs while ensuring you will receive the quality of care where and when you may need it.

Whether you use traditional LTC insurance, life insurance with an LTC component, or some combination that matches your needs and budget, you can gain confidence in knowing you’re covered.

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  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance & Life Insurance Combinations

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Long Term Care Insurance

As life expectancy rises and accidents and illnesses occur, it’s critical to implement a strategy to help protect your future. There are many ways Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance may be needed. How would you cover expenses or choose where or how you get assistance in the event long term care was required? Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance can allow you to maximize your independence, help protect your assets and relieve loved ones of potential financial burdens.

Features and Benefits:

  • Maintain Your Lifestyle and Protect Your Assets
  • Options for Maximizing Your Care

Maintain Your Lifestyle and Protect Your Assett

Long Term Care (LTC) insurance offers benefits that help to protect your assets from being used for care. Should the need arise, you can use these benefits to help reimburse your expenses for care thus securing your savings for you and your family’s future.

Options for Maximizing Your Care

LTC insurance reimburses you for services that can help improve the quality of life for those who are chronically ill and are unable to engage in everyday activities such as eating, dressing, bathing, and getting in and out of bed without assistance or who have a cognitive impairment. A comprehensive LTC insurance policy may provide coverage for long term care needs in the home, community-based settings, an assisted living facility or nursing home. By providing more choices and more control over care options, LTC insurance can help you face the future with confidence.

Long Term Care & Life Insurance Combination

Plan for both your life insurance needs and long term care expenses. When it comes to Long Term Care (LTC) planning, there are many ways to help protect yourself and your family. A Whole Life policy with LTC benefits may be a consideration if you need flexibility. Whether long term care services are needed or the death benefit is received, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have protection that lasts a lifetime.

Features and Benefits:

  • Pay Long Term Care Expenses
  • Build Cash Value
  • Death Benefit
  • Opportunity to Earn Dividends

Pay Long Term Care Expenses

Proper planning for long term care is crucial. Rising costs and expenses can quickly cause financial difficulty when caring for a loved one. The carriers we represent offer life insurance and LTC combinations that can help cover costs with benefits that can reimburse expenses that can protect your assets and help obtain quality care.

Build Cash Value

Whole Life Insurance can help you reach financial goals by accumulating a guaranteed increase in cash value over time of which the cash value is available to you if long term care or life insurance needs change during your lifetime.1

Death Benefit

When choosing Whole Life Insurance you choose lifetime protection. Whatever stage of life you are in, feel confident knowing that your premium will never go up and the coverage amount won’t change.

Opportunity to Earn Dividends

Whole life policy owners are also eligible to receive annual dividends. Any dividends you receive can be used to increase your long term care benefits, life insurance protection and cash value. Some Whole Life Insurance policies offer annual dividends to policyholders which can be used to increase your long term care benefits, life insurance protection and cash value.

1 Accessing cash values, through loans and partial surrenders or by accelerating benefits for long term care benefit payments, will reduce the death benefit payable, the cash surrender value and the long term care coverage available. The purpose of this material is the solicitation of insurance. Insurance products issued by carriers we represent. Contact us for costs and further details of coverage, including exclusions and reductions or limitations.

Partial list of major carriers we represent

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Products & Services

Term Life

Meet your life insurance needs at an affordable price.

  • Death Benefit
  • Affordable Coverage
  • Convert Your Policy

Whole Life

Help meet your financial goals and protect your family’s future.

  • Death Benefit
  • Build Cash Value
  • Opportunity to Earn Dividends

Universal Life

Life Insurance through optional guarantees and flexible premiums.

  • Death Benefit
  • Flexible Premiums
  • Build Account Value

Guaranteed Issue Life

Help your loved ones pay for final expense costs.

  • Affordable Coverage
  • Guaranteed Acceptance
  • Death Benefit


Annuities can be a paramount way to save for retirement. Annuities may help your savings grow faster. Each type of annuity has advantages and drawbacks that you should consider carefully before deciding whether an annuity is right for you. Annuities can also provide guaranteed lifetime income.

Long Term Care

Long term care (LTC) can be expensive, and costs generally continue to rise. To receive the quality of care you want in the setting of your choice, putting a plan in place early in life is essential. In order to match your needs and budget you may choose from traditional LTC insurance, life insurance with an LTC component, or some combination of both.

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