What would you do if you couldn't play, perform, produce or create to make a living? How many benefit concerts would your friends need to put on to help?
For most music professionals its a fate worse than dying.

 Insurance for Music Professionals

Music Professional's Protection insurance can pay a part or all of your mortgage and ongoing studio or production expenses if you become injured, ill, disabled or pass away.

We're not all suppose to be Rock Stars, but you can live like one with the right plan.

The primary purpose for this coverage is to provide predictability, protection and peace of mind knowing that you and your family will not be financially burdened by a ongoing monthly payments should your ability to provide change due to you being injured, critically or chronically ill  or deceased. Meaning, no play... no pay... Unless you have the right coverage in place for maximum career protection in the event something happens (and it always does) you'll be looking at getting a second or third job, selling your gear and possibly moving home again. Maybe it's time to make different choices when it comes to protecting your career and family from life's most inconvenient occurrences.

We make acquiring this protection and coverage simple & easy!

Program Benefits

  • Death benefit to cover the entire cost of your mortgage, studio or production business.
  • Financial protection for your loved ones
  • Living benefits: Helps pay for medical, extended care, terminal illness, critical illness/injury & chronic illness
  • Tax-free payouts that can be used to pay part or all of your entire mortgage/expenses
  • Guaranteed Income for life
  • Provides protection for your most important assets...your family and your career.
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