Precious Timber Update: New Orleans Investment Conference 2015

Some of you joined us in New Orleans last week and we were happy to see you.
If you didn’t make it then let me give you a little information about what you missed.
We just returned from one of the country’s leading private investor conferences where hundred’s of concerned investors gathered to learn ways of how to grow and protect their wealth. The conference this year included headliners Mark Steyn, Charles Krauthammer, Doug Casey, and Jim Rickards who offered insights into ways to drastically reduce your exposure to the inevitable resetting (market collapse) of several major global economies in the coming years.
Here we are at the show sharing with the attendees who we are and what we do. We answered lots of questions, challenged people’s perceptions and helped them begin to grasp some of the actual realities so they could better decide if we had something that could benefit their portfolios (many said, yes).IMG_0467
Our message concentrated on making sure you understand how to protect your money
not just during this coming crisis, but for generations to come.
View our message:
Why Alternative Agriculture Now


Coliday’s Owner/Founder Craig Colley is the Head of Strategic Planning and Advisory Board Chairman for Precious Timber.

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